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Alireza Mohammdzadeh

Alireza Mohammdzadeh

Graduate Research Assistant at Sharif University of Technology

  • My aspiration is to work in cutting-edge research teams for developing breakthrough technologies and researches to address real-world challenges.
  • Two-years research experience in microfluidics and therapeutic ultrasound.
  • Had several successful multi-disciplinary teamwork experiences.
  • Experienced in computational simulations and analysis techniques of multiphysics problems (e.g. using COMSOL Multiphysics).
  • Excellent background in mechanical engineering and thermo-fluids sciences (e.g. graduated from two of Iran’s best universities with 3 years of teaching experience).
  • Experienced in computational simulations and analysis techniques Fluid flow problems (e.g. using ANSYS Fluent).
  • Experienced in data visualization and presentation techniques (e.g. using Excel, CorelDRAW, Prezi, PowerPoint, and Visio).
  • Experienced in Computer Aided Design, product design, and rendering (e.g. using CATIA).
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Imagination is the highest form of Research.


COMSOL Multiphysics

Find online supplementary materials to my COMSOL Multiphysics training course.


CATIA training course's online materials could be found here.

آموزش آنلاین نرم افزار کتیا

CATIA training online course

alirezailts : کد تخفیف


 3D Bioprinting Workshop- Alireza mohammadzadeh - Sharif university regenerative medicine tissue engineering

3D Bioprinting

Another fantastic practical workshop!!

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 Journal club presentation- microfluidics regenerative medicine tissue engineering

Journal Club

Check our journal club presentation videos.

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 Focused Ultrasound Foundation MOOC on Therapeutic Ultrasound-LabTAU

MOOC on Micro & Nanofabrication (MEMS)

Compeleted a MOOC on Micro & Nanofabrication (MEMS) from EPFLX.

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ICEE 2020 International Conference-Tabriz university- Biomedical Engineering

ICEE 2020 International Conference

Our paper was accepted for Orat presentation at ICEE2020.

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microfluidics-Reza Nosrati monash university- infertility- Tarbiat Modares University

Microfluidics for Biomedical Applications

Fantastic talk on infertility by Dr. Nosrati.

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microfluidics-Sharif University of Technology- Amir K. Miri, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Rowan University

Design and Fabrication of Cost-Effective Microfluidic Chips

Good experience to fabricate inexpensive chips.

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International Conferences on the Acoustics and Vibration- ISAV2019- Iranian Society of Acoustics and Vibration (ISAV) - Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST)

ISAV2019 International Conference

My paper is accepted for presentation at ISAV2019.

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Experimental models of working with laboratory animals

Experimental Models of Working with Laboratory Animals

Had a fantastic experience during this practical workshop.

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IEEE- Iranian Conference on Biomedical Engineering- ICBME2019 - Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST)

Oral Presentation at ICBME2019

My oral presentation at annual International Iranian conference of BioMedical Engineering.

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IEEE- Iranian Conference on Biomedical Engineering- ICBME2019 - Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST)

Poster Presentation at ICBME2019

My poster presentation at annual International Iranian conference of BioMedical Engineering..

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IEEE- Iranian Conference on Biomedical Engineering- ICBME2019 - Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST)

Hands-on Biomedical Engineering Simulation in COMSOL Multiphysics

I will present a workshop on biomedical simulation at ICBME2019.

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 Focused Ultrasound Foundation MOOC on Therapeutic Ultrasound-LabTAU

MOOC on Therapeutic Ultrasound

Passed a fantastic MOOC by LabTAU and Focused Ultrasound Foundation on therapeutic ultrasound.

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COMSOL ophtomecanic webinar

Multiphysics modeling comes to help!

Patient-Specific Optomechanical Modeling of the Human Eye.


2019 Ph.D. Exam Ranking

I ranked 10th among all participants of Mechanical Engineering- Energy conversion Ph.D. entrance exam.

COMSOL HIFU simulation webinar-High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

Simulation of Focused Ultrasounds for Medtech

Attended COMSOL Multiphysics webinar on HIFU simulation for medical devices. Sharif Setak Startup Trigger on In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD)

Startup Trigger once again!

Excited to be part of the 11th startup trigger on point-of-care testing IVD.

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Sharif ultrasound transducers technology- Hamid Reza Chabok-

Ultrasound Transducers Technology

A good workshop on Ultrasound Transducers Technology and its medical applications.


Now, I'm officially graduated!

My masters dissertation defense was held.

Iran University of Medical Sciences Ultrasound Presentation

My presentation at Iran University of Medical Sciences

Presentation on ultrasound therapeutic applications and our new proposal to have a collaboration with IUMS.

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Sharif Dr. Nasim Annabi UCLA Regenerative medicine

Great Workshop with Great Instructor

Dr. Nasim Annabi presented some fantastic topics in Regenerative Medicine.

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Attended a COMSOL Webinar on "Simulating a Medical Device Interaction with a Biological System" held by IEEE.

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Dr. Aref Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Tumor-on-chip workshop

Hands-on Tumor-On-A-Chip

Participated in a fantastic practical workshop on 3D cell culture in microfluidic devices-Tumor on a Chip

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Mechanical Research Day Event of 2018

Presented my poster as one of the elected posters among Masters', PhDs' and PostDocs' posters.

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Shahid Beheshti Medical University Ultrasound presentation

Ultrasound Applications and it's New Frontiers in Medicine

Our presentation at Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences.

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Sharif Lab-on-a-chip workshop

Lab on a Chip

Attended Dr. Taghipoor's presentation on LOC at Sharif University of Technology.


ISME2019 International Conference

My article presentation at ISME2019.

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Let's roll up our sleeves.

We started to build our water refregeration and desalination system in Sharif Solar.

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Iran microfluidics conference Dr. Warkiani

2nd National Congress on Microfluidics

Dr. Warkiani's amazing talk about microfluidics.

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Startup Trigger

Smart Health Startup Trigger

My first experience in Startup Trigger with a fantastic team and invaluable lessons.

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A Hands-on Introduction to Engineering Simulations

Passing this course from CornellX, I learned how to move beyond button-pushing to become expert in engineering simulations.

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